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Look Beyond Words helps to create true community and efficiency in the workplace through building trust, confidence, and morale.  Look Beyond Words is helping redefine the business environment, cost reduction, and overall productivity.   All of this is accomplished through innovative motivation techniques, employee retention, and cohesive working relationships.

It is my heart and mission to help people be truly authentic and create more meaningful connection in business, social, and build lasting relationships.

I received my certification in July, 2018.  Although I am a new business, I have studied body language as a hobby since I first became intrigued by it in 2009.  A T.V. series called 'Lie To Me' about human lie detection aired.  I was fascinated and curious if it was real science.  Fortunately, it is, and I was hooked!  The series was based on a real doctor, Dr. Paul Ekman.

My CEO credo is as follows:  I was in an abusive marriage for 15 years.  Once I was out, I wanted to learn how to read microexpressions.  I wanted to know immediately when individuals were becoming angry as well as when I was being lied to.  I was so tired of being lied to and never wanted to experience sudden, unpredictable behavior from violent persons again.  This led me to research this topic at great length.  I was so wonderfully surprised to discover that body language encompasses so much more than just threat assessment.  Now, I love to help others build great relationships and emotional intelligence through body language to improve their business and social lives.

I work with organizations, groups, and individuals to meet any needs in which my training and capacity affords me.  Some examples of these needs include: leadership, motivation, lie detection, nervous tells, self-awareness, branding/image, interviewing, first impressions, social media, confidence building, team-building/building trust, negotiations and sales, and so much more. 

I am a community-minded entrepreneur.  I have worked with youth for many years, served as a crime-victim advocate and domestic violence victim advocate.  I operated as President of the Cheney Community Market for a time and volunteered at a thrift store and a Second Harvest food bank distribution.  This is just a snippet about me.  Check out my Youtube channel for more information and to see me in action!

Candace Ginn
Body Language Trainer

Express Yourself

Use body language to share accurate and more precise meaning in your conversations and interactions, bring out the best in others, and be the cohesive glue in each moment.

Be Yourself

Know and understand yourself better through perceived impressions of your body language.  Learn to use 100% (instead of 40% verbal) of your communication ability and authentically connect with others.


Intentional body language causes physiological reactions and produces hormones that lead to neurochemical and emotional connections on a deeper level.