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  • Candace Ginn

Body Language, what does yours say about you?

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Learn to be in control of the nonverbal messages you are sending. Take a look at nonverbal expressions in this blog: .

Nonverbal accounts for a minimum of 60% of our communication. Our facial expressions and body language say a lot more about us than most of us realize. Power body language is so powerful that it even releases hormones in our bodies that help us feel more confident and more connected in our relationships.

Did you know? There are seven microexpressions that are universal and impossible to hide. Take the pictures in the blog above, it is pretty obvious how those brokers are feeling and we can accurately guess that it's due to bad news. What if you could intuitively know how others are feeling during conversation when it's not so obvious? Microexpressions flash across the face involuntarily during intense emotions as fast as 1/15 of a second. How could it be helpful to learn to recognize these?

One example includes a negotiation or sales pitch. Let's say you have learned how to decode and master microexpressions. When you mention price, you notice one of these expressions quickly flash before you. Since you know what to look for, it was easy to recognize. Is this person feeling fear, disgust, sadness, or contempt? Since you know the answer, you also know how to respond and ease their concerns and answer additional questions as necessary. Otherwise, you may have continued to present your information with a lack of understanding from the other person. Being on the same page is highly important during these and other business interactions. Of course, body language is important in more than just business, and is of value socially and romantically as well.

Other uses for body language include lie detection, first impressions, building trust, and much more! Based on scientific studies, we know that first impressions are made within the first 20 seconds of seeing someone. This doesn't even include verbal communication. When interviewing, this is huge! Studies have shown that everything that is said and done in an interview after those initial 20 seconds makes zero difference to the first impression made. This blows me away!

Additionally, in a 30 minute conversation, two people can send over 800 nonverbal signals to each other. With these many, wouldn't you like to be more attuned to the needs of everyone you talk with? Also surprising is that we are lied to as many as 200 times each day. Some are with the intention of deceiving while others are for the benefit of another ie. saying your hair looks nice.

If body language makes up 60% of our communication, that means that verbal is only 40% at maximum. What are you able to achieve with your current level of verbal communication? Imagine what you could accomplish using 100% of your ability to communicate, both verbally and non-verbally! Do you need to display more competence? Or more warmth? Do you get interrupted or lied to a lot? Do you need to close more sales or generate more revenue, even tips? Maybe, as a leader, you need to learn what truly motivates each employee.

The science of body language is real and can be adopted rather quickly. We are born with these skills. Unfortunately, our young education doesn't help us to hone them. That's why I aim to help each person I come across to maximize these skills and truly live an authentic life.